Russ Duerksen
Growing up in small towns and working on my grandparents farm in South Dakota brought me close to nature. My days as a young boy usually consisted of exploring the outdoors. I enjoyed canoeing down the river, strolling through the woods or just walking along the railroad tracks. Soon, I began to draw the wildlife that I saw not knowing then that this obsession would become a lifelong ambition.

My spare time was devoted to learning how to paint wildlife, exhibiting my paintings at art shows, competing in various competitions including state and federal duck stamp contests. During that time, I supported my family as an electrician and then as a commercial artist. I'm proud of my accomplishments, which has lead me to my lifelong dream of being a full time wildlife artist.

Some of my honors include:

2010 5th Place - Federal Duck Stamp

2008 Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp

2003 Nominated for the Sioux Falls Mayor's Award for Excellence in Visual Arts.

2001 Pheasants Forever National Package - “Along The Creek”

2000 & 1999 South Dakota Migratory Bird Certification Stamp

1999 Delaware Migratory Waterfowl Stamp

1996, ‘95 & ‘91 South Dakota State Waterfowl Restoration Stamps

1997 South Dakota State Habitat Stamp

2000, 1999, ‘98, ‘97, ‘94, ‘93, ‘92, & ‘91 Minnehaha County Pheasants Forever
Habitat Print of the Year (Sioux Falls, SD)

1998, ‘97, ‘96 & ‘95 Aberdeen, SD Pheasants Forever
Art Print of the Year

1997, ‘96 & ‘95 North Dakota Ducks Unlimited Art Print of the Year

1996 & ‘91 South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Art Print of the Year

1995 4th Place - Federal Duck Stamp

1990 South Dakota Izaak Walton League Art Print of the Year